Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why I Relay

I was diagnosed with Papillary and Follicular cancers of the Thyroid in 2002 and this changed my life in such a way that I may not take my life for granted, as my life depends on calcium and Calcitrol daily and nightly. Since having had a total thyroidectomy as well as a para-thyroidectomy . I now suffer with hypo-parathyroid ism, and now dealing with cancer a second time around as I was re diagnosed July 2011, this time I have opted not to undergo Radiation or Chemo at this time. On top of all the difficulties I have endured over the years one thing remains for sure. I still remain with a grateful spirit, loving nature and kindness from the deepest regions of my soul. I had always one of two choices, either to take charge of my life and make a difference or give up and let go. Sometimes I did a little bit of both. I seemed to always learn, and grow, and appreciate and love myself a little more after the storms had cleared. One thing I always did was to write. I wrote about everything and in detail. It seemed to be the perfect medicine to heal and move forward. I often re-read my words and learned so much from myself.  I hear some complain about their lives, or worry about situations  they are faced with.  I am the first to admit life is about learning, growing and perfecting our souls. It's not about the situations we are faced with but about our attitudes toward these situations, and how we handle them that makes all the difference. I truly believe that there are no wrongs in all our lives but a journey, a personal journey we all must make the most of. It's not about finding the best one, it's about becoming the best we can. We may not think the same, or even feel the same, and our lives may be so different in so many ways but one thing I have noticed that remains the same is that we each are equipped with great purpose, and that we are all connected at a deeper level.....
Please re-join me for yet another Relay Event coming up on April 26th-27th 2014~

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