Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bodhi Meditation 12/22/11

Bodhi Meditation was an amazing experience tonight, especially. I have experienced love in such away that can best be described as a spiritual awakening. Where there is love and spiritual faith,  a true knowing,  there leaves no room for illness. One may question why do babies get sick or die young, why do bad things happen to good people, or why did she/he have to leave. I believe we all have a purpose to fulfill, and things happen for a reason that only God knows. I believe in Karma, and compassion, and I believe all religions lead to one God and I believe we truly all are brothers & sisters, and I believe we are all connected including that of the universe, animals, and all life forms.
This is the message I received loud and clear. I experienced this knowing for a brief moment and soon realized how difficult it has been my whole life to allow love from anyone, in...... Or any goodness for that matter. I felt for a moment unworthy of this intense feeling of LOVE. This seemed to be a pattern of mine, and for a brief second my behavior flashed before my very eyes, that brought up an intense feeling, that only this time I didn't have to fight it or hold back or even hold it in....The tears began to flow without any emotion, just this intense feeling of being cleansed sort of speak. I was able to feel intensity in various parts of my body that can best be described as repressed emotion/energy. At first my legs hurt, my back hurt, my throat hurt, and it started to shift and I adjusted my body in such a way to allow this pent  up of illness causing toxicity to be released. I have only been attending meditation for a short while however, it truly has strengthened not only my mind, but my body, my beliefs and my faith, and I know without uncertainty that I will be cancer free. I have performed amazing healings on others and experienced miraculous healings myself and in order to live my purpose and fulfill my most deepest longing it begins with me, in every aspect. I don't have to wait for permission or even go against my religious up bringing, but rather I am going towards my souls calling and I am fighting for my life or so I had believed. Truth is I don't have to fight at all, but I must listen to the voice within, my souls calling, my God center~For myself,  cancer is a wake up call. It is a signal that I  must change the way I  live. It is the beginning of a new, better life and a life-long journey of understanding and growth .Meditation and proper nutrition  can initiate healing on all levels as there is no real separation between body and mind.I am ready! Namaste
Written by Antoinette Padilla 12/22/11

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