Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I have searched high and low to locate who I was and all the while come to find out all of who I am could and would never have been found or received by anything or anyone outside of myself. I just needed to have gone within. I allowed others to define me, I believed others opinions of me, and took everything personal , I let people treat me badly, I allowed others to treat me as though I were unimportant, and took this on as truth, every action I made there after reflected these same beliefs, truth is...... I get it! It was my initial beliefs of myself that caused others behavior towards me to begin with. It's as though things had to get so bad in order for myself to do things completely differently, or perhaps to recognize my part in it. I know without uncertainty there are no mistakes in life, as everything is but for learning. I live my life openly and without holding back my truth so that others may learn from my life. My life and the direction it is heading is because of my own doing through God and my willingness to pay attention to my hearts calling~ I am loving and appreciating my life's journey with even more intensity than I had ever imagined and I am seriously loving every waking moment~

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